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Few Common Reasons for Roof Leak

Roof leaks are one of the most common problems that many of the house owners in Manchester often face during rainy season. Following are few common reasons of roof leaks. Tips by Weathershield Roofing & Guttering : Age of the house In due course of time, the roofing materials get deteriorated and become less effective to keep the water out. Variations in temperature due to climatic changes also cause the roofing material to crack. The tar used may often melt due to exposure to sunlight. Roof vents Plastic vents also often tend to get cracked due to exposure to weather conditions. Slope Roofs that have shallow slope may be lifted due to wind pressure and flow with rain water. Debris If debris accumulates on the roof for a long time then water may get settled which may seep due to capillary action. Flashing If the nails are missing then flashing sections may get out of its original position and the caulk may dry up and as a result get cracked over a period time. Ridge cap Often many contractors may use ropes without protecting the cap of the ridge and holes may be created in the roofing, which may lead to leakage. Holes Holes are created during the installation of TV antenna and when the antenna is removed, it becomes the source of leakage. Missing shingles Shingles may often rip up due to strong winds and that may be a source of leakage Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the condition of the roof regularly and action must be taken immediately to prevent roof leak.