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Ensure The Healthy Environment Of Your Building With The Proper Drain Cleaning

Users of any building in Reading require the clean water for consumption and the effective drainage of the waste water in order to ensure that the environment of the building that they are living is healthy and safe.  But like any other system of the building, drainage system may also become prone to issues. At some times, it may end up clogging. In this situation, you need to take the service of drain cleaning companies of Reading. Such companies have a team of professional plumbers who are dedicated to their job and ensure their clients to provide with the best services according to their needs.  Causes of drain blockage Tree leaves and the roots – This is one of the common causes of drain blockage. If leaves are unwept and disposed, they can stuck in the drainage pipes and make them blocked. Moreover, roots of the tree may also be the cause of clogged drain as it is the nature of the tree roots that they get attracted towards moisture. Growing roots can easily damage drainage pipes and obstruct the water flow. Toilet paper build up – This is another reason of clogged drains. Too much use of toilet paper can block your toilet and make the flushing difficult. If the toilet is not clogged thoroughly and there is still a way  for draining then you can use shift or dissolve the toilet paper by using plunger but if the problem is serious  and then there are no chances to  get it back to its best functionality through DIY. In such case, you need to call the professional plumber to clean it.