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Antique Décor Ideas For Drawing Rooms

Drawing rooms are basically the first room that any guest will see in your house; hence it is important to ensure that your drawing room décor is spot on. There are tons of decorative items in the market that can help you to make an ideal drawing room but only a few can compete with the looks given by vintage home goods that are used for decorative purposes. These products look and feel premium and offer great aesthetic upliftment to the surroundings of your room. The following are a few products that you can use right now for decorating your drawing room: 1)Antique trunks If you are looking for a decorative item that can serve various purposes like acting as a coffee table, good looking and provides storage space, antique trunks can be a great choice for you. These are made of metal, wood and sometimes even have an outer layer of leather to enhance the look. They can be used as coffee tables and provide a great deal of storage space for keeping your special kitchen wares, table cloths etc. 2)Vintage lanterns Lanterns are a great decorative item for drawing rooms and can also be modified according to your requirements, which enhances its decorative capabilities. You can buy a simple antique lantern and place LED lights inside it or you can seal it off and create a lava lamp out of it. It is simple, cheap, beautiful and perfect for decorative purposes. They can be bought from offline as well as an online store without any issue. An article by Home House Goodies