Chimney Services

A Guide To Common Chimney Issues

A fireplace is a blessing on a cold winter day. However, if you want your chimney to function efficiently, timely repair and maintenance is a necessity. This ensures that your family stays safe and warm in those winter months.

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Common chimney issues

  • One of the most common issues of chimney repairs is blockage that can be seen in the chimney flue. This is generally due to animal nests or even debris that might get dislodged from materials. These blockages affect the normal functioning of the chimney by blocking the passage of smoke, heat and gas out of the house.
  • Another common chimney repair issue is the buildup of creosote. This oil is produced by wood burning or other solid burning. This buildup overtime can lead to ignition and cause serious harm in the future.
  • Over the duration of time, the chimney might develop cracks or holes in its flue. This might be due to corrosive nature of some gases from fire. This may further lead to seeping in of dangerous gases in the house.
  • Cracked or missing pieces of chimney cap or crown lets water and other debris to enter your chimney. This may also affect the safe passage of gas and heat out of the house.
  • Leakage and erosion of the masonry and brickwork calls for extensive chimney repair work.

If you notice one or few of the above issues in your chimney, it is definitely time to get professional chimney repair service to ensure the safety of your family.

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